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An accomplished Singaporean actress, Cynthia Koh is well known for her roles in local TV shows like Stepping Out. With more than 27 years of acting experience, she commands an impressive portfolio of almost 56 drama series!

In 2011, she stumbled upon Bach Flower Remedies at a store selling organic products. Taking a leap of faith, she got the remedy Impatiens to help with her impatience. The result was positive - after seeing good improvement a few months later, she became inspired to learn more about the remedies.

Following that, she took up a Level 1 correspondence course and enjoyed it so much that she went on to finish her Level 2 and Level 3 courses in 2016.

Today, she is a certified Bach Flower Remedy practitioner listed on the International Register of Practitioners with The Bach Foundation UK. She has but one humble aim: to spread the benefits of Bach Flower Remedies and help others find balance and peace.

Life will always have its ups and downs.
However, with the help of the remedies, it brings forth better awareness and acceptance.
Life is what it is; it’s how we react to the situations that make all the difference.


There are medicines for physical and mental illnesses, but what about emotional problems like grief or despair? Seeking solutions for these problems are as important as for any other sicknesses.

As emotional remedies, Bach Flower Remedies boost positive emotions in us to remove the negative and find a harmonic balance again. They are made of all-natural ingredients that gently heal our emotional states.

The 38 remedies in the Bach Flower Remedies were discovered way back in the 1930s. Over the past 70 years, they have been broadly and successfully used in many countries.

During his medical career, Dr. Bach realised the close link between physical and emotional health. He believed that curing emotional issues were important to improve physical conditions.

What Bach Flower Remedies can be used for

There are many emotional conditions the Bach Flower Remedies treat. They include severe crises, fleeting emotional moods, strong emotions and personality characteristics.

Safe, Complementary, Proven

The Bach Flower Remedies are safe for everyone to use. They can be used with other treatments, therapies and medicines. With huge success over 70 years globally, they are timeless remedies that treat all emotional states.

What Bach Flower Remedies Aims to Do

With the help of the remedies, users can reconnect with themselves and boost while building inner strength. Equilibrium throughout the physical, emotional and mental levels, as well as harmony of the mind, heart and spirit can be achieved.

Royalty Has Used It

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that English royalty has used these same remedies. In fact, Princess Diana of Wales benefited from the Bach Flower Remedies on her flight overseas. She specifically used a remedy of rock rose to prevent terror, Star of Bethlehem for shock, and cherry plum to tackle loss of control.

Another remedy she used consisted of chamomile for its calming effect and dandelion to purify her blood. After her flight, she remarked, “I feel great, fantastic,” as proof of their effectiveness!


Helping others find their genuine smiles again has been our greatest joy.
Find out what our happy customers have to say about the remedies!

A year ago I approached Cynthia sharing with her some of my personal challenges. Her intuitive and calming manner was just the respite I needed to slowly unleash myself from some of the self-inflicted pain. A year later, I’m in a much better, happier place – with the help of Cynthia’s Bach Healing mixture and guidance. She has a gift and a wonderful one to share with those who are willing to give her remedy a try!


Private Consultation

With Cynthia’s help, I’m now slightly one week into my Bach Flower remedy and I must say, at first I was a little skeptical because what can just a small bottle of liquid do?! Truth is that yes, I still feel emotional once in a while but I realized that I am now able to control my emotions better and keep them in check. I’m looking forward to feeling better each day!

Xavier Ong

Private Consultation

It was an amazing journey with Bach Healing. Never felt happier! From a control freak to a happy me, my son is happier with a happy and joyful mummy! Love you, Cynthia, and Bach Remedy!


Private Consultation

My son used to have this fear of writing. He always needs some guidance. One day when fetching him from school, I was shocked when his teacher told me he’s able to complete his school work on time without any writing help. Thanks Cynthia! Your remedy is in fact a miracle!

Melyana Mohd Jamil

Private Consultation

Honestly I was pretty skeptical at first, as to how a few drops of the remedies a day would improve my emotional state. But I still decided to give it a try and see the results for myself. The first 3 days, I couldn’t feel any difference. However, it wasn’t until the 6th day that I woke up feeling calm and relaxed and full of positivity. What started as doubts quickly turned into reality. I was shocked and amazed.


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I had very good sleep for the subsequent 2 days – never had so much sleep for as long as I can remember! Things have gotten much better, in fact, many good things seem to be happening in my favour. I can’t explain this, but I would say the Bach products works wonders for me.


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I used to have IBS which caused to me to have diarrhea very often, as well as constant anxiety and stress. After trying the Bach remedies the diarrhea improved tremendously. I feel more calm now, able to have clearer thoughts and emotionally more stable. So glad I encountered this remedy, thanks Cynthia!


Private Consultation

Ever since I started using Bach flower remedy, I’ve noticed huge changes in my life. Before, I was always caught up in my projects and wanting to do more and more; sometimes even overly anxious. When Cynthia introduced me to Bach, I was unsure of its effectiveness but I decided to give it a shot anyway. After using it for about a month, looking back I noticed that I was more calmed and focused. I was much clearer in my goals and achievements; and didn't stress out as much. Even if I was “stressed”, it was more like positive pressure that inspired me to work and work well. I would say that overall, Bach has been a surprising fruitful experience for me. Thanks Cynthia!

Preston Sin

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Dear Cynthia,
I had quite a bit of emotional release during the first week. While I haven't done anything drastic in terms of big decision making, I do feel a little less troubled by the usual issues and like I’m moving towards a conclusion that I will be at peace with. Think my interactions with people seems a little smoother too.


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I was intrigued when I first heard that Bach flower remedy isn't essential oils. Being in the medical profession, I could not comprehend the effectiveness Bach remedy could deliver. However when I was approached, I was keen to use it and I said yes! After going through the 38 Bach remedies, I agreed that Impatiens was what I needed. 3 days into faithfully following the prescribed dosage, I felt more relaxed and not so impatient. However, I thought it could be a psychological effect. The realisation came upon me how this remedy had impacted me was when I ran out of it. During that 3 days, I felt it hard to relax and also became easily impatient. About 2 weeks later when I had my refill of the remedy, I felt good again! Not only does this remedy works, it also caused me to be more aware of myself; my emotions and I have better control of it. Thank you Bach!

Rebecca Chwee Khim

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Been struggling with emotional challenges. Happened to come across an angel and got to know the remedies. They have amazingly helped me overcome and managed these challenges. I have never commented about any products before but this one is different. Thought it will be good to share with my friends. Have come across many products but this is the first time to have come across a product that dealt with emotional healing... after weeks of trying I would like to say A Big Thank You to Bach Flower Remedies and Cynthia Koh.



I was introduced to Bach Flower Remedies by chance after a meeting with Cynthia and I was very curious about what it could do to improve my patience. Though curious, I was also skeptical. However, after using the remedy, I couldn't help but noticed that I was calmer, more patient and tolerant to situations that I normally wouldn't be! Bach flower remedies have increased my self-awareness and balanced my emotions positively. Cynthia was wonderful with recommending remedies to pinpoint my weakness and I’m so glad I went with it!

Sandra D

Private Consultation

Great remedies for a better living. Sometimes you may say, “I need to motivate myself”, “I need to change”, but not that we are aware of, you need to settle your inner self before positivity comes in and all follows! Thank you Cynthia Koh for introducing Bach Flower remedies to me, it not only helped me but also my Mom too!

Ckay Lim

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