He was a qualified house surgeon, pathologist and bacteriologist. He saw disease as an end product, a final stage, and a physical manifestation of unhappiness, fear and worry.

In 1919, he worked at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital, and was inspired by his experiences there. He began to look into flowers and plants to help address emotional causes of diseases. Over a period of years, 38 healing flowers and plants became the 38 Bach Flower Remedies with the right preparation.

Professional practitioners specialising in Bach Flower Remedies, certified and recognized by The Bach Centre and included in the Bach Foundation International Register.
Discovered by Dr. Edward Bach, these remedies are made from living plants.
The remedies are used as solutions for emotional problems, like grief.
They restore emotional balance between mind and body by removing negative feelings.
Everyone, including children, babies, animals and even plants.
They are made 100% naturally from spring water soaked with wild flowers using the sun method.
Water breeds bacteria. Therefore, brandy/grape alcohol is added as a preservative. For non-alcoholic remedies, glycerin is used.
Bach Flower Remedies have been used for over 70 years. Singapore is relatively new to it.
No, they help to treat negative emotions that may trigger these allergies.
If you take them irregularly, do not take the required minimum dosage, or take remedies that do not correspond with your actual emotional state, they may not be effective.
They are taken orally. Our clients are advised to put a few drops into a glass of water or beverage of their choice.
Yes, it doesn’t matter whether your beverage is hot or cold either.
For combination bottles, a minimum of 4 drops 4 times a day in a glass of water is recommended, and good for 3 weeks. For stock bottles, dilute 2 drops of your chosen remedy in a glass of water. Add the drops again when you replenish your drink. Take the remedies for at least 3 weeks daily for best results.
You can choose up to 7 remedies at one time, but less is more.
Less is still more. As a rule of thumb, we suggest a combination of up to 7 remedies at the same time .
The remedies are non-habit forming and non-addictive. Once you feel stable, you can stop taking them.
Yes you can. The remedies are extremely helpful during pregnancies for mothers. Request for non-alcohol remedies during your selection or consultation.
Yes there is, as required by law the bottles need to have an expiry date. The 5-year period is due to brandy’s shelf life.
The remedies retain their properties indefinitely.
Yes, you can. However, for smaller animals, you may want to use the non-alcoholic version to be safe.
They can be stored in room temperature out of sunlight and heat.
Yes, you can. Request for non-alcohol remedies.
It depends on how entrenched the issue is. Most clients feel a slight shift within 3-6 weeks of taking the remedies daily. Healing takes time.
The remedies remove negative emotions. We consider the healing crisis as a way of purging the old.
Some people may feel tired, have headaches, nightmares for example. Rest assured these symptoms are temporary. Drinking more water helps. Others may have a stronger reaction to the situation than before. Consider writing down your feelings during the treatment period on a journal.
Focus on your stressful situation. Allow your emotions to help you indicate the remedies during your selection process.
Self-selection is similar to self-medicating where you choose medicines you think are most appropriate for you without any advice or help. Seeing a practitioner is like seeing a doctor. We look into the specific part of your situation that needs to be addressed before selecting the remedies accordingly.
Simply email me with the list of remedies that was previously stated on your bottle, pass me your mailing address and make payment.
Yes, you can. Stock bottles are available upon request, in a 10ml size at S$18 each.
You can make payment via DBS Paylah, iBanking, or ATM transfer.
You may email me with your order number.
Orders made within Singapore will take about 3-5 working days after the order is received.


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