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Let these natural remedies work nature’s wonders on you. Select between 4 purchasing methods according to what best suits you

The list below is a guide for you to get the most suitable remedies. You can check a maximum of 7 boxes.

Think about your emotional issues, try to understand them and be as specific as possible. Note that this is a form of self-medicating without professional advice, which may not best reflect your innermost feelings.

After completion, we will get back to you with the results and recommended remedies.


Your Fears

Your Decisiveness

Your Attention

Your Mental Attitude

Your Sensitivity

Your Concern for Others

Your Loneliness

Kindly note that each self selected treatment bottle costs S$28.


If you are too busy, but still wish to speak directly with Cynthia to better relay your feelings and receive expert guidance, please choose the call consultation.


30 mins phone consultation: S$68


Kindly note that a 50% deposit is needed to confirm the appointment.

If you want to address all your questions and gain a deeper, acute understanding of your feelings, kindly opt for the one-to-one consultation. It is a rewarding and effective session of self-discovery and healing.


A unique OH Cards technique will be used for the consultation. These cards are tools that can help gain greater insight of your deep-seated emotions and feelings.


60 mins face to face consultation: S$108


Kindly note that a 50% deposit is needed to confirm the appointment.

If you are confident of selecting your remedies without any help, you can buy them directly from us here.


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